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Will New Data Yield Better Offers?

By June 1, 2023No Comments

DCA members are learning from each other how to source and responsibly use new data types

Rakuten and Banyan – both DCA members were recently featured in a PYMNTS interview to discuss the power and promise of new data sourcesErin Warren, a DCA board member and GM of the Rakuten Card-Linked Offer Network, and Jehan Luth, Founder and CEO of Banyan, covered loyalty and lifetime value, but the center of the conversation was using data to tailor offersIt’s worth the time to watch in full – and their conversation picks up on many discussions we’ve had at DCA, and will continue across 2023. 

DCA Members Talking Data Exchange 

On September 20th, DCA will convene a Data Exchange Roundtable at the headquarters of TransUnion in Chicago.  The session will be an extended assessment of the cutting edge of how companies are dealing with new types of data in a productive and compliant way.

Questions DCA Members Are Asking:

  1. After the “death of the cookie,” what data sources are best for tailoring consumer offers? 
  2. How can we improve identity resolution? 
  3. Might “clean room” techniques unlock significant value for consumers and companies? 
  4. What’s the best move in anticipation of the CFPB’s intended rulemaking on consumer access to financial records?

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