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Walmart Withdraws from Google’s e-Commerce Services

By January 28, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
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Re-alignment for e-Commerce Giants

According to a report by Bloomberg News, Walmart has recently withdrawn from Google’s Shopping Actions, an e-commerce service, as well as Google Express, a delivery service. Shopping Actions and Google Express are part of Google’s plan to challenge Amazon’s dominance in e-commerce. Amazon is reported to have a 50% market share in US e-commerce and has ambitions to be a leader in offline/in-store commerce where Walmart is currently the leader. Amazon has also emerged as key digital advertising challenger to both Google and Facebook. Shopping Actions was unveiled in March 2018 with Walmart and Target as the marque retailers in the program.

CardLinx Insight

Losing Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is significant for Google and seems to indicate that in e-commerce, content is king. Google, a technology platform, doesn’t have control over the items that drive e-commerce, hampering its goals. Walmart is figuring out the best way to leverage its physical stores for a complete e-commerce/in-store consumer experience in order to more effectively challenge Amazon. Google had hoped to outmaneuver its digital advertising challenger Amazon with its retailer rival Walmart. Walmart and Google will both likely seek new partners to better counter Amazon’s growth. Attractive partners for each company will likely possess common traits including large consumer customer bases and deep data assets that accompany these customer bases.

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