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Is Offline Online? Two States of Commerce Continue to Blur

Is Offline Online? Two States of Commerce Continue to Blur 

The pandemic gave digital commerce a boost as consumers steered clear of brick-and-mortar shopping to avoid contact with others. But that’s changing now: Recent research by Khoros reveals 67% of consumers believe the best shopping experiences now incorporate both humans and digital channels; 57% want the option to talk to someone before making a decision to buy.

What is Driving the Conversation?

A hybrid approach to shopping is the new normal, with 44% of B2C buyers and 58% of B2B buyers indicating they research a product online before going to a physical location, and vice versa, according to Bloomreach. Websites are currently the fastest growing channel driving engagement and sales—optimized for consumers with human representatives (and AI support) standing by.


Questions DCA Members are Asking:

  1. How can we attract consumers who want both the online and offline buying experience?
  2. How important is human interaction to our customers’ purchase decisions?
  3. How do we know when our promotions or retail channel has reached the right online/offline balance?
  4. How can we inspire confidence in a seller’s commitment to data privacy and security in the hybrid setting?


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