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Target Opens Website to Other Merchants

By February 28, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
target building

Target is the latest retailer to become a digital advertiser

Target will launch Target+, an invitation-only program for third-party retailers to sell their products on  Target is one of the largest retailers in the US and going forward third-party retailers like Mizuho will be able to sell to consumers directly through  This new platform enables third- party retailers to leverage Target’s considerable consumer data asset to pinpoint customers likely to buy their goods. Target already has a payment and card-linked offer platforms with its Red Card and Cartwheel Offers and now with Target+, it will also become an ad platform for third-party retailers.

CardLinx Insight

Target+ is an example of the accelerating trend of merchants expanding their digital advertising capabilities. Facebook, Google and Microsoft are the leading digital advertising platforms for commerce but retailers including Amazon, Walmart and now Target have realized that they must become a first stop for consumers on their shopping journey or risk becoming irrelevant. These new offerings from merchants are rapidly blurring the line between advertising platforms, merchants and payment companies. Consumer data has become central to the business model of all three segments and merchants realize they need to deploy innovative offerings leveraging their data for targeting, loyalty and attribution.

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