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Last Thursday, 15 DCA executives did a “strategy sprint” to assess tech disruption. Here are a few observations.

You may have taken our five-minute tech disruption survey.  We used it to lay the groundwork for a “strategy sprint” last Thursday.  Fifteen executives from a dozen DCA member companies worked together to assess which technologies represent opportunities and threats to today’s dominant business models.  Ramy Nassar of DCA member Olive lent us his leadership and facilitation skills – and some memorable frameworks to work with.  (Do you know who the month of January is named for – and why?  It has to do with looking forward and looking back.)

Our “strategy sprint,” in turn, supports our DCA Summit in Washington, D.C. on December 6th, where economic and tech disruption are on the agenda.  (If you haven’t registered yet – please do – it’s going to be an amazing day.)


Clippings From The Conversation

Dozens of interesting points came out of 120 minutes of group answer-building – but a few points are sticking with us in hindsight.

  1. Will online-matched barter reach an inflection point as consumers become more cash-strapped?  How much transacting without money could online matching systems support?
  2. When will the U.S. dollar/petrodollar system lose its global supremacy?
  3. If AI meets widespread availability of permissioned data, how much will traditional loyalty programs matter?
  4. Will banks disappear “behind the curtain”, making way for neobanks and fintechs to create innovative consumer interactions while banks play the regulated entity role?
  5. When will loyalty points/rewards become as easy to use across a wide range of retailers as money?
  6. Will contractors, gig workers and employees take payment in points/rewards? If so, what will the tax authorities do?

Those are just a few questions that came out of the conversation.  Stay tuned – we’ve got more to offer from November 17th’s rich discussions and more to offer from our upcoming Summit.

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If you haven’t yet, please take DCA’s tech disruption survey.  It’s quick, and the survey will continue to inform our work in this area.  Thanks!

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