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Q and A: Card-Linking Strategies with Jill Moser of Shop Your Way

By November 8, 2016January 28th, 2021No Comments
Jill Moser Shop Your Way

Jill Moser, Director of Strategic Partnerships, at Shop Your Way shares digital strategies and successful case studies to drive member engagement and increase purchases with CardLinx.

What are some consumer engagement strategies that Shop Your Way uses?

Our Member engagement strategy is driving SYW points velocity – the more points our members receive, the more valuable SYW is to them.  A common method we use to drive specific behaviors is through points infusion.  We do this in a variety of ways, including issuing “surprise” points, providing birthday month bonus points, and targeted offers.  Then, when members redeem points we execute additional engagement strategies such as redemption confirmation emails and trigger strategic messages.  SYW also just launched an exciting new app called WinIt! which gives members the opportunity to select 10 products from a catalog of over a million, and spin a virtual wheel daily for a chance to win each product for free. Every day presents a new chance to spin and every day a new chance to win. We have already exceeded 75k downloads and over 10k daily active users and 37k monthly active users!

How has card-linking enhanced the Shop Your Way experience for both merchants and consumers?

SYW members love the ease of earning points through card-linked offers – no coupons to print, carry or remember to present for redemption.  Card-linking has introduced additional offer breadth.  For merchant partners, these offers are simple to deploy.  There are no IT integration or training requirements, and SYW provides the publishing and communication platform.  Also, merchants only pay for eligible earn transactions, so it is a pure pay for performance model!

Has SYW influenced the shopping behavior with SYW shoppers?

Absolutely!  Our members are constantly looking for SYW point earning opportunities, so when offers publish, our merchant partners are pleasantly surprised by the lift they see.

What are some goals and successes that brands have with Shop Your Way?

Goals are unique to each merchant.  Some seek sales lift, some look for net new customers.  SYW works with each merchant partner to find the right offer to support their goal. An example of a success story would be a quick service restaurant we partnered with to increase new customer acquisition and increased basket spend.  SYW enabled specific promotions to drive these goals, and the results were phenomenal with 79% new customer acquisition and 35% aggregate spend lift.

What does the future consumer experience look like?

We continue to modify the card-link program. Currently we are improving targeting options for merchants, and implementing offer types that require member activation.  We recently announced our enhanced SYW Citi MasterCard program which will immediately convert more than 5 million existing cardholders to a product which they will earn 5% back on gas, 3% back on grocery and dining, 2% at Sears, Sears Auto, and Kmart, and 1% on everyday spend.  With the new benefits, we expect these cardholders will be even more active in our card-link program! And we expect this base to substantially increase with the value proposition it represents, making our card-link program even more meaningful to merchants seeking to reach a sizable audience.

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Jill Moser is Director of Strategic Partnerships for Shop Your Way (SYW), the largest marketplace and loyalty platform in the U.S. with more than 50 million active members. Jill leads partnerships with leading national brands and merchants to surround SYW members with brands and services they want, and rewarding their loyalty to those businesses with SYW points rewards. Prior to SYW, Jill spent 15 years in the consumer promotions business – leading strategy and business development teams for paper and digital coupon, rebate, mobile promotion and a suite of analytics services that served both CPG and retail companies.

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