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Points4Purpose Joins The Digital Commerce Alliance

By April 26, 2023No Comments
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Please Welcome Points4Purpose to Digital Commerce Alliance! 

Points4Purpose (P4P) leverages the combined power of choice and giving to align your customer’s purpose with that of your business. By supporting worthy causes and participating brands, P4P enables businesses to personalize your offering to consumers and in so doing, grow your bottom line. And we package this all up through a true partnering agreement such that your success is our success!

With P4P, your customers ‘get more and give more,’ increasing their engagement with your brand, and in so doing, drive your internal objectives. We drive your business by providing your valued customers with a wider range of earning and redemption options through cashback – all without changing their behavior – or yours!

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Purpose to Profit – Points4PurposeUS Launch

In a world starved of context, community, meaning and fulfillment, purpose has become an increasing focus for the next generation of business. However, true purpose is neither an ornament nor an add-on…it is the opportunity to truly design a business from the space of being of service and making a difference. It’s a statement of intent that you can bring alive in the current market. Being purpose-driven doesn’t always come at the expense of your earnings or worth, but instead, serves as a by-product of making a difference and, in doing so, growing the Lifetime Value of your Customers.

Join us for our US Launch Reception hosted by the Wise Marketer Group, the Australian Trade Commission and Investment NSW in Manhattan, New York on Thursday, June 1st from 6:30pm-8:00pm ET (doors open 6.00pm) and hear from our panellists who will discuss how you can join the growing movement from Purpose to Profit and, in so doing, grow customer lifetime value.

Learn more about this event here.

Stay tuned for an episode of Commerce Code featuring Points4Purpose & Wise Marketer Group on May 9th!

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