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Is New Tech Going to Wreck Our Business?

DCA’s Tech Disruption Survey

Take our mobile-friendly five-minute survey here and you will receive a report summarizing the results on November 21st. 

In recent conversations with DCA members, we’re hearing a lot about a new wave of tech that threatens even the most innovative businesses; many leaders are expecting a shakeout in the next two years.    

One key question: which tech is the next giant killer? 

We’re gathering views from executives in digital commerce – everyone who fills out the survey will receive summarized results on November 21st.  The survey is mobile-friendly and takes about five minutes; you can complete it here. 

This effort supports DCA’s Tech Disruption Working Session, attended by a small group of DCA members later this month, as well as the DCA Summit in Washington, D.C. on December 6th. 


What is Driving the Conversation?

Many new technologies have the potential to wipe out whole sectors of digital commerce.  Past experience suggests that most of them won’t . . . and one or two of them will.    

Will the real giant-killers please step forward? 

We’ve collected a partial list of contenders, and now the DCA membership is assessing them through an online survey (take it now!).  Our list is here:  

  • Cryptocurrencies 
  • NFTs 
  • VR/Metaverse 
  • Blockchain applications other than Cryptocurrencies, NFT or VR/Metaverse 
  • Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning 
  • Geolocation
  • Facial Recognition or Other Identification Functionality
  • Embedded Finance
  • Mobile Payments
  • Tokenization of identity
  • New Payments Hardware

What “keeps you up at night”?  Tell us in the survey – especially if it’s not on the list above. 


Questions DCA Members are Asking:

  1. Which technology do we increasingly hear about but don’t really understand?
  2. What moves are our competitors making that make no sense to us?  What do they know that we don’t? 
  3. What’s a cheap solution in our space that we’re ignoring now? 
  4. What piece of our business is most vulnerable to cost competition? 
  5. What piece of our business is most profitable? 
  6. What piece of our business is least convenient for our core customers? 
  7. What piece of our business is least tech-enabled? 
  8. Could part of our business be turned into an app?


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