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Member Spotlight: Augeo

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Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota
Founded: 1998
Category: Privately-held company
Industry: Loyalty and engagement programs for employees, customers, and members

How does your company fit into the card-linking or online-to-offline commerce ecosystems?

The Augeo CLX Platform (Card-Linked Experience) is an end-to-end fintech technology, enabling access to credit or debit card-linked offers from our extensive network of participating merchants. Partnering with financial institutions, processors, and consumer brands to drive “top-of-wallet” card usage and increase spend–the Augeo CLX platform brings valuable offers to card holders. Augeo drives usage through communication channels such as mobile apps, offer walls, personalized consumer direct marketing, and tailored merchant content for unique card holder segments.

Who are you trying to reach?

We are looking for financial institutions who want to bring additional value to card holders through card-linked offers, drive brand engagement, and increase card spend.  Also, we seek brands or merchants wanting to elevate engagement with customers, attract new customers, or re-activate lapsed shoppers.

How will your company approach online-to-offline commerce that is new or different?

Augeo approaches card linking  through the lens of engagement. How do we attract, connect, and involve consumers in meaningful experiences? How do we encourage habitual use leading to elevated monetization? How can we help clients increase the lifetime value of their key constituencies?

Our approach is highly strategic, leveraging billions of data points across the card linking ecosystem.  Additionally, our approach is designed to evolve with changing consumer preferences. Today, we focus on simplicity, speed, proximity, context, and security/privacy. However, our flexible platform design and agile process enables us to pro-actively evolve to meet ever-changing consumer needs.

What are some insights or challenges in implementing of your solution?

We have built a robust, agile platform with millions of active cardholders, hundreds of brands, and thousands of participating merchants. We constantly work to develop better ways to meet the needs of clients and facilitate seamless integration for their customers.  We strive to advance a friction-free, seamless, card holder experience.  We work diligently with client teams from sales, operations, strategy, and technology to understand their needs, determine requirements, and design a successful path to implementation. Our platform is called CLX because our focus is on a seamless and value-rich card linked “experience” for the user and the card issuing institution.

What are some new projects for this year?

We are continuously improving our CLX Platform to fuel the tremendous growth we plan for 2019 and beyond. We are laser focused on increasing scalability, maintaining data security, and advancing data analytics to benefit card linking partners, clients, and participating merchant brands.  Our plans include direct integrations with payment networks and leading content providers to drive growth and bring unique offers to cardholders everywhere. We anticipate onboarding several new partners, adding millions of new card holders in the months ahead.

How will the online-to-offline commerce industry develop over the next five years?

Today, the line between online and offline is either very thin or totally erased. Increasingly, merchants are creating a unified, brand-centric commerce experience. Consumers want to purchase from a single entity that looks and feels the same, irrespective of the transaction process.

Another trend that we see is that traditional ad budgets are gravitating to more data-driven attribution and transaction validation methodologies.

Additionally, card-linking will likely evolve to “payment linking” enabling new and emerging technologies to simplify and expand transactional alternatives for consumers. Linked payment systems are fast becoming the ultimate attribution tool for marketing investment. Participating merchants only pay when a transaction is recorded. With a linked payment structure every marketing dollar spent can be attributed directly to revenue. This is a key driver for the growth in our linked merchant network. We expect our payment-linked transaction process, not requiring pre-click or purchase intent indicator, will become even more seamless as user touchpoints move beyond cards to include mobile apps, digital hubs, and subscription payments methodologies.

Is there anything else you would like CardLinx members to know? 

Augeo is a vertically integrated engagement company.  We support clients looking to increase the lifetime value of their customers, employees, members, or card holders. Our platform approach and agile technology enables clients to customize solutions, focusing on specific business objectives.  Augeo headquarters are located in St. Paul, MN with offices across the country in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Nashville with support teams in Miami, Boston, and Cincinnati. For two decades, Augeo has worked with organizations to elevate engagement and accelerate business outcomes.

To hear more, come hear David Kristal, CEO and Founder of Augeo, speak at the CardLinx East Forum in Washington D.C. on October 22, 2019. Register Today!

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