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CardLinx Europe Council
Wednesday, March 18th, 2020
Via Zoom Webinar

The mission of the CardLinx Europe Council is to create a technical forum for collaboration among European based card issuers, processors, retailers, publishers, card-linked technology providers and merchants to promote the growth of card-linking and online to offline commerce. The Council will focus on discussing current shared technical challenges and design technical solutions. The Council seeks to implement global standards as well as standards required for specific European countries.

Speaker Lineup:

CardLinx Association: Silvio Tavares, President and CEO
Fidel: Andre Elias, CTO
Cartes Bancaires: Ludovic Francesconi, Head of Marketing & Innovation
Surprise: Fabrice Bascoulergue, CTO


Leaders from companies including Plebicom, Surprise, Collinson Group, Cartes Bancaires, Rakuten, 24S, Harvey Nichols, Travelsify, FIS, UBS, and Fidel were in attendance.

Silvio Tavares, President and CEO of the Cardlinx Association, kicked off the meeting with a review of the impacts of COVID-19 on CLO, payments and merchants. Silvio then spoke about the benefits of enabling CLO API for payment networks, discussing major payment networks that support card-linking in France and key types of card-linking. Ludovic Francesconi, Head of Marketing and Innovation for Cartes Bancaires, shared an overview of Cartes Bancaires. Andre Elias, CTO of Fidel, spoke on how other networks do APIs and that accessing consumer financial data is expensive, time consuming and comes with compliance and security risk. Fabrice Bascoulergue, CTO of Surprise, spoke on CLO and ALO in France, existing solutions, the purpose of card-linking and the challenges of setting up CLO’s standard using credit cards.

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