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Japan Foodie Launches TakeMe Pay

By February 19, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments
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TakeMe Pay combines the biggest payment services in the world into one app

Now Japan Foodie is taking their multi-payment service beyond restaurants to shopping, transportation, leisure and hospitality industries; and TakeMe Pay is their new mobile wallet that will make that possible.

TakeMe Pay is a smartphone multi-payment gateway that combines the biggest payment services in the world into one app. TakeMe Pay manages Chinese payment networks (Alipay, WeChat Pay, CUP, etc.), US payment networks (Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, etc.), and Japanese payment networks (LINE Pay, etc.).

TakeMe Pay is looking to become the ultimate smartphone multi-payment gateway.

On March 5, 2019 Mr. Dong Lu, Japan Foodie CEO, will launch TakeMe Pay, a smartphone multi-payment app that uses QR codes to accommodate numerous mobile and online payment services from around the world.

Benefits for Merchants

By simply setting up one QR code in the shop, the merchant can manage multiple smartphone payment brands with one contract, one admin tool and one bill. TakeMe Pay provides one workflow for all the payment brands thus simplifying operations.

Benefits for Consumers

Users can use any mobile app supported by TakeMe Pay, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, LINE Pay or even the camera app built-in iOS to scan the merchant QR code and pay. TakeMe Pay enables multiple choices of apps for mobile payment. 

TakeMe Pay’s Goal

TakeMe Pay makes it easy for merchants and consumers to use multiple smartphone payment services and liberalizes the smartphone payment service for both merchants and users.

In addition to QR code multi-payment gateway and TakeMe Pay for face-to-face smartphone payment, the company will also release a multi-payment gateway SDK “TakeMe Pay SDK” for enterprises.

What is TakeMe Pay SDK?

TakeMe Pay SDK enables traditional POS machines for smartphone multi-payment. By integrating TakeMe Pay SDK into traditional POS machines, merchants can use the POS machine with bar code scanners to scan the QR codes or bar codes of multiple smartphone payment brands. Merchants can accept smartphone payments without changing POS machine, adding external devices and learn new workflow. This will lower the cost for merchant and the implementation is easy.

TakeMe Pay SDK can also be integrated into websites and mobile apps to enable smartphone multi-payment function. It is easy to implement Take Me Pay SDK by simply programming a few lines of codes to the websites or mobile apps.

TakeMe Pay SDK supports multiple languages for international clients.

Overview of Payment Trends in Asia

In China, Alibaba’s Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat Pay dominate the mobile payment market. 90% of Chinese smartphone users transact using this payment method. While China is leading in this industry, followed by Southeast Asian countries, the mobile payment service is taking off in Japan.

Recently, Japanese large companies have entered this mobile payment market with PayPay, Rakuten Pay, and LINE Pay and etc. It is still to be decided who will lead in this market as more payment services are joining the industry.

While more and more mobile payment services participating the market, merchants have to deal separately for each payment service. Each service has different terminal/device, workflow, report, and management tools, thus make merchants difficult to choose, manage and operate.


About Japan Foodie
The Company provides international promotion for Japan’s restaurants, multi-lingual concierge reservation, smartphone order, and smartphone multi-payment services. The Company operates a comprehensive inbound service business that connects stores in Japan to tourists.

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