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Gamification Gains Traction

By March 20, 2017January 28th, 2021No Comments
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Gamification Increases Engagement

Last week at the UBS Global Consumer & Retail Conference Starbucks CFO Scott Maw talked about how their mobile payments platform is starting to reap rewards, literally. One component of their mobile app that their Star Dash Rewards Program at let’s consumer collect tokens for making certain types of purchases for the chance to receive bonus star or loyalty points. Since the introduction of the Starbucks mobile app in 2015, their in-app purchases have increased every year and is now 8% of their total US purchases, double from last year.

Similary, Luckycycle is bringing that excitement and customer engagement to online retailers with a gamified checkout. Luckycycle is a patented sales promotion tool offered to digital stores allowing them to offer free purchases to their customers.

Join Nicolas Coppée, co-founder of Luckycycle at the next CardLinx forum in San Francisco. He is presenting a keynote presentation on “Gamifying Loyalty & Offers.” Come and see how you can use gamification to ramp up your online commerce!

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