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Demand for Luxury Goods Soars

Demand for Luxury Goods Soars

Name-brand handbags and jewelry are selling fast. Many lux brands have more than doubled their sales in the U.S. since the pandemic began.

DCA Insight:

Wealthy consumers are of course more immune to challenges facing most shoppers. Walmart reports consumers have pared back on buying clothes, and Amazon has indicated a recent e-commerce slow down. Look for the dichotomy to continue in our new-normal marketplace.


Open Questions for Leaders:

  1. How can luxury goods merchants navigate the difficult distribution landscape of 2022?
  2. Will high-income consumers eventually respond to continued inflation, and if so, how can digital marketing and loyalty programs get ahead of that shift?
  3. 2021 saw a Holiday spending season that mirrored 2019. What will the 2022 shopping season look like?

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