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Commerce Feed: Issue No. 13 – February 2022

Digital Commerce Alliance Announces 2022 Board Members

Board Includes Industry Leaders from Sam’s Club, Bank of America, Microsoft, Mastercard, VantageScore, Among Others


SAN FRANCISCO (Feb. 8, 2022)—The Digital Commerce Alliance (DCA) today announced its 2022 board of directors. The global trade association, focused on commerce, card-linking, mobile wallets, and financial data, also released its slate of programming for the first half of the year.

The following seasoned executives comprise the 2022 Digital Commerce Alliance Board:
  • Silvio Tavares, President and CEO, VantageScore
  • Neal Bernstein, Senior Director, Microsoft
  • Ethan Chuang, Vice President of Loyalty Solutions, Mastercard Advisors
  • Tim DeSoto, Head of Membership Programs, Partnerships, and Innovation, Sam’s Club
  • Alisa Ellis, Global Head of Innovation and Emerging Products, Discover
  • Colin Evans, Chairman, Collinson Valuedynamx
  • Farrell Hudzik, Executive Vice President of Financial Institutions, Cardlytics
  • David Kristal, CEO, Augeo; Executive Chair, Figg
  • Jill Moser, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Loyalty & Platforms Partnership, Bank of America
  • Paul Siegfried, Senior Vice President, Financial Services, TransUnion
  • Mladen Vladic, General Manager, Loyalty Division, FIS
  • Erin Warren, General Manager, In-Store Offer Network, Rakuten
“We’re pleased to assemble this exceptional board and look forward to continuing to deliver programming that allows us to work together to advance digital commerce for the benefit of all,” Tavares added.

DCA Member Augeo Launches Crypto Loyalty Program

Cryptocurrency platform Heaps was launched by DCA member Augeo, a global leader in enterprise engagement and loyalty platform technology. The new platform, powered by Prime Trust, lets users exchange loyalty rewards for leading cryptocurrencies.

DCA Insight:

Consumer interest in cryptocurrency is creating opportunities for brands to elevate engagement with customers, members, and employees. Heaps enables consumers to securely buy, access, earn and track crypto investments—giving non-native market entrants a compelling way to enter this new world of finance.

Walmart-Backed Financial Technology Startup To Expand

The fintech startup backed by the world’s second-largest retailer Walmart plans to purchase two firms and bring operations under one brand name: One. The new entity will build a financial services super app—a single place for consumers to manage their money. Walmart’s Sam’s Club is a DCA member.

DCA Insight:

Look for One to become the financial services one-stop-shop for a significant share of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs’ 100 million US shoppers. The value proposition is appealing to consumers across the socioeconomic spectrum, including those currently underserved by banks, lenders, and related services providers.

Buy-Now-Pay-Later Travel Booms 

Travel paid for layaway-style is booming. Increasingly travel companies are offering flights, cruises and vacation packages that consumers can buy now and pay for over time.

DCA Insight:

Buy-now pay-later can be a great option for consumers with pent-up desire to travel now that pandemic restrictions are easing. Some deals offer zero percent financing to qualified buyers—others have interest rates as high as 30%. Paying close attention to terms before signing up is the smart way for travelers to shop for long-awaited getaways.

EPISODE 101: New Solutions For Loyalty Programs & Consumers

This week on Commerce Code we speak with Pete Howroyd, CEO & Founder of Swapi. We discuss how loyalty programs, like Swapi, lift the actual burden of loyalty program or fin-tech management, and instead package it as a solution. Swapi allows consumers to earn and redeem rewards inside the Swapi ecosystem.
Digital Commerce Alliance members include the largest and most innovative companies in fintech, payments, retailing, e-commerce and mobile wallets. Members include Microsoft, Samsung, Rakuten, UBS, RBC, Mastercard, Discover, FIS, LVMH-24S, Hilton, Fidel, Augeo, Collinson and many more in 17 countries and 4 continents.
We bring their insights from around the world straight to you in an informative new podcast called Commerce Code. The podcast features insights, interviews and the latest news from DCA members around the world. Stay connected and subscribe to Commerce Code.

CardLinx February Webinar

Winning the Basket: How banks and merchants can collaborate to inspire and influence the shopping experience

Monday, February 28th | 9am – 10am PST

Banks and merchants continue to blur the lines of how shopping behavior is shaped.  This evolution means more banks and merchants are partnering to capture consumer buying signals and influence the shopper journey before it begins. We will dive into the unique, connected commerce ecosystem that sits at the intersection of digital media, payments and how they are coming together outside of the card-linked offer marketplace.

Speaker | Allie Ferguson – VP, Bank Partner Strategy, Cardlytics

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