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Commerce Feed: Issue No. 11 – December 2021

Amazon Contributing to PayPal’s Growth

PayPal’s break with eBay in 2015 continues to impact the payment player’s momentum. It’s payment volume from eBay fell 45% in the third quarter from a year earlier as eBay continues to offer additional payment options at check-out. The WSJ reports a new partnership with Amazon will pick up the slack.

DCA Insight:

Amazon’s addition of PayPal’s Venmo as a payment option will drive significant volume for the payments company. Even though Venmo is one of many payment options, Amazon’s sheer scale stands to accelerate PayPal’s growth.

More Credit Card Offers Being Made

American consumers paid down their credit-card debt during the pandemic. News reports indicate banks are marketing hard to get them borrowing again. Last year credit-card profitability fell to the lowest level since 2009.

DCA Insight:

Banks are making moves to reverse the trend. Credit-card solicitations are arriving in consumers’ mailboxes in droves as issuers seek low-risk cardholders willing to spend now and pay over time. Big banks are upping their marketing budgets—and sweetening offers with miles or points—to drive interest payments.

Payment Giants Forsee Increased Spending

Shares of payment stocks are up after brief travel stalls and purchase hesitancy set in following the emergence of the Omicron variant. American Express, Capital One, Fiserv and DCA member Mastercard shares more than doubled the overall market’s 3% gain so far this month.

DCA Insight:

Research shows the new Covid-19 variant has had less impact on spending than Delta. When Delta came on the scene, travel restrictions were severely tightened, and stimulus money was running out—causing spending levels to drop significantly. Only eight percent of trips are being canceled now, vs. 35% in August and September. Anticipate positive spending trends to continue.

The 2021 Christmas Shopping Scene Looks A Lot Like 2019 

Card data from DCA member Bank of America and from JPMorgan Chase show strong spending in November, and retailers are feeling positive the trend will continue through the December holidays.

DCA Insight:

There were 5.8 million more U.S. jobs in October than a year ago. Couple that with last winter’s stimulus checks and the monthly child tax credit payments some families have received and the result is a boost in peoples’ ability to spend. The availability of vaccines has also contributed to consumer confidence.

EPISODE 93: Simplifying Payments by Embedding Transactions Into Retail Software with Spartak Buniatyan from PayEngine

This week on Commerce Code we speak with Spartak Buniatyan, CEO & Founder of PayEngine. PayEngine is one of the many innovators in digital commerce, and they provide white label payment capabilities into the software used by retailers.
Digital Commerce Alliance members include the largest and most innovative companies in fintech, payments, retailing, e-commerce and mobile wallets. Members include Microsoft, Samsung, Rakuten, UBS, RBC, Mastercard, Discover, FIS, LVMH-24S, Hilton, Fidel, Augeo, Collinson and many more in 17 countries and 4 continents.
We bring their insights from around the world straight to you in an informative new podcast called Commerce Code. The podcast features insights, interviews and the latest news from DCA members around the world. Stay connected and subscribe to Commerce Code.

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