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CLO Debit Work Group Update

By June 29, 2017January 28th, 2021No Comments


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CardLinx’s CLO Debit Work Group convened a meeting on June 20th in San Bruno, California. The productive meeting included a name change from PIN Debit Work Group at the request of the debit networks. The meeting included in-depth discussions by publishers, issuers and debit networks on how to accomplish their mission:

The CardLinx Association board of directors has authorized a work group to develop standards common APIs and promote industry collaboration to facilitate card-linking on debit networks.

During the meeting Steve VanFleet of Augeo was selected as the chairperson of the work group. Additionally, the work group’s next meeting will be on July 27th in San Bruno, California to discuss discoveries and solutions.

Challenges identified by the work group include:

  • Establishing a common standard for the assignment for Debit PIN Merchant ID’s
  • A need for a Merchant ID / Look up tool
  • A need for a Common API For Real Time Matching
  • A need for a Common API for Card Enrollment
  • A need for a Common API for CLO Campaign Reporting
  • Knowing /ID for Card Debit Network by BIN
  • Settlement
    • To Card Statement
    • To Issuer
    • On behalf of Publisher
  • A need for a Clearing House service – Cover API’s
Topics Covered by Publishers

Microsoft: Neal Bernstein, Senior Director, Mobile Data Labs

Three items that are key to implementation:

  1. Ubiquity
  2. Tokenization
  3. Real Time

Empyr: Steven Casarez, Vice President of Operations

Overview of Card-Linking Use Cases

  1. Publisher Enrollment Flow – Yelp User Case
    • User sees the rewards
    • User signs up
    • User links cards
    • Confirmation
  2. Card Linking Flow
  3. Credit Card Transaction Flow – Real Time Notification to Consumers

Rakuten/Ebates: Jennifer Medeiros, Director of Business Development

  • Key value proposition of in store affiliate marketing
  • Digital media and O2O provides a known ROI which is measurable and has a known value
    • “Fifty percent of my advertising is driving transactions/results, the problem is I don’t know which half.”
  • Overview of tablet, desktop and mobile applications
    • 2,000+ merchants
    • Redemption happens when the card is swiped
    • Real time push notification in mobile app
Topics Covered by Issuers

Augeo: Steve VanFleet, President

  • There is an importance of consistency around merchant ID
  • Three key offers available:
    • Always on
    • Targeted always on
    • Click to activate
Topics Covered by Debit Networks

NYCE: Diane Molitor, Network Products, Global Retail Payments

  • Overview of the existing debit structures
    • Transaction flows
    • Transaction types
      • Single Message: Financial Message sent through the payment network to the issuer for authorization.
      • Dual Message: Pre authorization message sent to the issuer, followed up by a financial message with the final amount.
    • Transaction Messages

Pulse: Bryan Manka, Senior Product Manager, Emerging Technologies

  • Analyzing the types of data
    • Merchant Category Code (Restaurant, Fuel, etc.)
    • Processing Codes (6 Digit Codes that describe of the category of transaction: pin-less bill pay, savings, etc.)
  • Acquiring Net ID – Three character Network of Record: Rules for the transactions

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