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CardLinx Europe Drives Next Gen O2O with Mastercard, Fidel, Meniga and Cardlytics

By March 21, 2018January 28th, 2021No Comments

The CardLinx Europe Forum on March 20th was the largest CardLinx gathering in Europe to date. The topic on how IoCT and AI are expanding the definition of retail resonated with many at the conference and was reinforced by the large number of attending companies working throughout the card-linking and O2O ecosystem. Dev Subrata, Fidel’s CEO and the first Europe-based CardLinx board member discussed using financial data as a catalyst for a new wave of fintech innovation. Mastercard’s Matous Michnevic delivered a stirring presentation on Europe’s implementation of card-linking using data and commerce with the partnerships and networks across the region. Campbell Shaw from Cardlytics provided compelling data for card-linking from their client case studies in European online-to-offline commerce. Meniga’s Jakub Piotrowski showcased the consumer preference and subsequent impact of using financial data to design loyalty programs that drive consumer engagement.

The CardLinx Europe Forum presentations are now accessible in the CardLinx Best Practices Portal.

Keynote speakers included:

  • Mastercard: The New European Paradigm for Data and Commerce┬áby Matous Michnevic, VP, Merchant Loyalty & Partnerships, UK/Europe & MEA
  • Fidel: Financial Data as a Catalyst for a New Wave of Innovation by Dev Subrata, CEO and Founder
  • Cardlytics: Retail Case Studies in European Online-to-O ine Commerce by Campbell Shaw, Head of Banking Relationships
  • Meniga: Using Financial Data to Drive Consumer Engagement and Loyalty by Jakub Piotrowski, Chief Revenue Officer & Head of Customer Engagement

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