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CardLinx East – Data Driven Commerce

By October 31, 2019January 28th, 2021No Comments

Leading card issuers, financial institutions, retailers, card link technology and marketing technology innovators came together at CardLinx East to share key industry insights. Leaders from companies including Augeo, Microsoft, GasBuddy, FIS and GetUpside were excited to share how they are using the latest technology to implement online-to-offline commerce. Executives from top companies in attendance included Discover, Hilton, MasterCard, Capital One, 24s, Bank of America, American Express, Total Wine and More and many more.

Key Themes:

Digitalization Personalization is now deployed everywhere, from banking and aviation to mobile phones and refrigerators but its real power is the ability to streamline daily routines while providing value. Consumers have adopted new technologies and are embracing data and analytics in commerce. Keynotes offered insights on digital personalization, consumer behavior, data analysis, and retail branding that connect shoppers on-line and in-store.

Keynote Speaker Lineup:

  • CardLinx Association: Silvio, Tavares, President and CEO
  • Augeo Affinity Marketing: David Kristal, Founder and CEO
  • Augeo Affinity Marketing: Brandon Dols, EVP
  • GasBuddy: Sarah McCrary, CEO
  • Current: Dan Novaes, CEO
  • Microsoft: Frank Torres, Senior Director of Pofislicy
  • FIS: Mladen Vladic, General Manager of Loyalty
  • FIS: Connie Davis, Senior Vice President
  • GetUpside: Alex Kinnier, Founder and CEO

Silvio Tavares, President and CEO of CardLinx Association, kicked off the event with a high level review of current industry trends. David Kristal and Brandon Dols from Augeo talked about using data to drive engagement. Dan Novaes, CEO of Current, shared about crypto and card-linking new innovations. Sarah McCrary, CEO of GasBuddy, gave a provoking keynote on how trust drives partnerships and customer engagement. Frank Torres, Senior Director of Policy for Microsoft, gave his insights on giving customers choice and control. Mladen Vladic, General Manager of Loyalty, and Connie David, Senior Vice President for FIS, presented on the next big opportunity in fin-tech. The event was filled with leading-edge insights to our members and the broader ecommerce and payments world. If you couldn’t attend this event, don’t miss our next one, CardLinx Canada – Driving Digital Loyalty, in Toronto on November 06, 2019. Register today.

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