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Bloom Credit Joins Digital Commerce Alliance

By November 8, 2023No Comments

Please Welcome Bloom Credit to Digital Commerce Alliance! 

Bloom Credit has modernized the infrastructure for any business using or generating credit data – platforms, fintechs, neobanks, lenders, subscription services, etc. – to easily integrate with the major credit bureaus both to access and furnish (aka report) credit data. Bloom’s platform offers a single API that’s easy to integrate, and can access the major credit bureaus to provide the most relevant data in a standard format.

Its furnishment service solves the mismatch between core banking / loan management systems and the Metro 2 format used by the bureaus by utilizing statement data and account events to generate the appropriate records. Its furnishment platform also helps solve the critical issue of inaccurate credit reporting, which can significantly harm consumers, through an extensive set of data quality checks that reduces errors on consumer files and lowers consumer credit disputes.

Check out Bloom Credit’s blog post here – ‘Consumers Demand to See Payment History.’

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