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Amazon New “Cashierless” Payment to Face Slow Merchant Uptake

By March 10, 2020January 28th, 2021No Comments

Amazon announced the availability of its Just Walk Out technology to rival merchants. Shoppers use credit cards to enter the store. Items are selected and automatically billed to the card—with no scanning, checkout (or waiting in line) required. The tech is similar to that used in Amazon Go stores.

CardLinx Insight:

Amazon’s new cashierless technology will face an uphill battle for acceptance by merchants. Most merchants will not adopt the technology because they view it as a “trojan horse” for Amazon to collect valuable consumer data that Amazon will ultimately use in its own stores. The only types of merchants that will likely adopt the technology are those that don’t compete directly with Amazon, including gas stations, airport stores and fast convenience stores. Instead, most retailers will likely fast track their own “cashierless” solutions embedded in mobile apps and emerging mobile wallets.


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