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2024 is Gonna Be Weird . . .

By August 4, 2023August 7th, 2023No Comments
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. . . and DCA members are meeting in Manhattan on November 8th to talk about it.

EXACTLY THREE MONTHS FROM TOMORROW, on Nov. 8th at Mastercard’s offices in Manhattan, DCA members will gather to discuss how to elevate consumer engagement in 2024.  Join us!  You can register here whether you’re a DCA member or a visitor.  It will be a great conversation, about what promises to be yet another weird year.  Here’s why.

The Economy in 2024

After deciding that we’ll definitely have a recession, it seems we’ll probably not have a recessionunless we do.  With luck, 2024 will bring a silky-soft landing.

Employees in 2024

Employees hold all the cards in the labor market, and all employees are consumers, so consumers are spending.

Consumers in 2024

But behold the power of imagination! 75% of people say the economy is bad.  Even people in Florida think things are terrible.  In the Sunshine State?  Say it isn’t so!

CEOs in 2024

Having internalized consumer pessimism, most CEOs are still planning for a recession.

Innovation in 2024

AI is getting into our day-to-day work (what – did you think I wrote this?), but consumers are nimble and deal-hungry, so they are finding ways to use AI to find deals.  Digital commerce will need to respond, and who knows where that lands . . .

Innovating to Elevate Consumer Engagement in 2024

And of course, we don’t know what we don’t know.  But by November we’ll have a better idea of what’s coming next year, and we can’t wait to get DCA members together to work through it at the DCA Summit on November 8th in Manhattan.  Register here – and we’ll see you there!